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Sports Injury Treatment at Vira Wellness

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Sports Injury Treatment at Vira Wellness

Sports are an excellent approach to develop discipline and maintain physical fitness. With a variety of athletic practices, contests, and activities, kids and adults can work on important character traits while being active. Sports injuries and accidents, on the other hand, are widespread among children and adults of all ages. Our chiropractic therapy can help to lessen the risk of injury and provide healthy treatment alternatives in the event that one does arise. 

Sports Injuries That Are Common

Football, rugby, roller skating, and hockey are high-impact sports that are more likely to be played by children and young adults and cause damage. Jumping, tossing, and inadvertent collisions are common injuries in basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, water polo, and other low-impact sports. Sports like golf, tennis, and swimming, although the impact is improbable, are more prone to cause injury due to joint overuse or strain. The following are the most common sports injuries: 

  • Overuse or injury: Muscles and ligaments can be strained or injured if they are not adequately warmed up. Strains are usually small and heal on their own with rest. 
  • Sprains: A sprain occurs when a joint is incorrectly stressed. When an impact, a fall, or a quick movement occurs, sprains of the wrist, knee, ankle, and back are highly prevalent. A sprain accident may take longer to recover, but ice, massage, and rest can typically help. 
  • Concussions: Impact injuries to the brain, known as concussions, are extremely serious and common in harsher sports. Before returning to athletic activity, head injuries should be closely examined. Concussions can take a long time to heal, and massage or spinal adjustments can assist the muscles in the shoulders and upper back relax. 
Common Sports Injury
  • Elbow Injuries: Elbow injuries in sports are commonly caused by hyperextension, overuse, or dislocation. The majority of elbow injuries require ice and limited use. Strengthening exercises can aid in the gradual recovery of an injured elbow’s strength. 
  • Shoulder Injuries: Shoulder injuries are frequent in sports that demand a lot of throwing or hitting. Without adequate treatment, tears in the shoulder muscles or tendons can be devastating. Any athlete who suffers from nagging shoulder pain will be unable to perform to their full potential. Without surgery, massage therapy, stretching programs, and spinal modifications may assist to relieve shoulder pain and enhance healing. 
  • Spinal Injuries: Falls and impact injuries to the spine can cause spinal damage. Because the spine houses the central nerve system, injuries to the backbone and neck are dangerous and require prompt medical attention. Back and neck pain may arise as a result of this. X-rays of the spine should be performed initially to ensure correct diagnosis and therapy. Chiropractic adjustments, spinal manipulation, massage therapy, and spinal decompression therapy are required for some spinal injuries. 
  • Knee Injuries: Knees, like elbows, are frequently injured by impact or hyperextension. The knee joint is prone to strains, sprains, and ligament tears. 
  • Ankle Sprains: When sprinting and jumping, ankle sprains are one of the most prevalent sports injuries. To avoid sprains, the ankle is a weak joint that may require additional shoe or brace support. A sprained ankle can usually be treated with ice and rest. 
  • Back Sprains – Sports that entail jumping or impact are notorious for causing back sprains. Back discomfort is a typical complaint among the athletes we work with. Ice, massage, alignment, and rest are common treatments for back muscle problems. 

Sports Injury Prevention

Sports Injury Prevention

The best method to treat sports injuries is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Stretching, strengthening, and aligning the body to get it in the greatest shape possible for physical activity are all part of prevention. When the body is jolted by unexpected activity, it is easy to sustain an injury that could have been avoided. Injury risk is reduced by working up to a level of fitness and supporting activities with good body care. When injuries do occur, they are more likely to be less serious and recover faster if proper treatment is given. 

Trust Vira Wellness as your Sports Chiropractor in Hollywood

Vira Wellness focuses on whole-body wellness and injury prevention before an accident arises. When you do have an injury, we provide treatment that encourages your body to heal naturally and quickly. In most circumstances, our wellness assistance will assist you in finding pain relief and recovery without the use of medicines or surgical procedures. 

We provide preventative care and sports injury treatment for the entire family. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Hollywood, Florida, give us a call right now! Call Vira Wellness Chiropractic at +1(954)-669-1125 to schedule an appointment today. 

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