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Personal Injury Attorney Referrals in Hollywood

Vira Wellness is happy to collaborate with numerous personal injury attorneys and automobile accident litigation companies. Our staff is committed to giving the best consideration to vehicle accident cases including wounds like whiplash, neck pain, sprain/strain, and other delicate tissue and musculoskeletal wounds. We join forces with a multidisciplinary group that incorporates chiropractic, physiotherapy, knead, and athletic preparing. We work with orthopedists, nervous system experts, X-ray offices, and actual advisers nearby in order to provide the most comprehensive care for our patients and legal counselors alike.


Our cutting-edge facilities reflect well on the referring attorney. Medical records are immediately supplied. As soon as we receive an MRI or orthopedic report, we communicate it to our partner attorneys. We provide the whole file, including orthopedic reports, MRIs, and other documents, as soon as the patient completes his MMI, allowing law offices to begin their work without delay. Our daily reports show that we provide high-quality treatment at a low cost. We take pleasure in reasonability and trust, both on the adjuster and legal sides.

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Our workplaces discharge all HIPAA records, X-ray, records from my workplaces and other expert reports in an opportune way. Vira Wellness centers around association, speediness, and polished skill, expecting to deliver all records before they can even be mentioned. When your staff sends the HIPAA discharge structure through email, we instantly furnish your office with the clinical records the day that the patient has arrived at MMI. If wanted, we can give clinical records at different occasions all through the treatment plan your customer is at any of our workplaces, including symptomatic examinations and other expert reports as we try to achieve them immediately.

VIRA CENTER charging and records are brought together at our office for straightforwardness and the executives. Our Clinic is routinely cleaned and disinfected to expand your customers’ positive involvement. 

When you recommend your customers to Vira Wellness, you are not only sending them to outstanding staff and physicians, as well as state-of-the-art facilities, but you are also referring them to the highest rated chiropractic office in the state of Florida.

When medically required, we give both a short treatment plan and the cost of the treatment plan to your client, as well as a lifelong treatment plan and the cost of the treatment plan.

.Even there is no known way to resolve your pain once and for all, you can still improve your quality of life dramatically through chronic pain management. Managing your chronic pain doesn’t have to involve the use of risky, mind-addling painkillers, nor does it necessarily mean undergoing serious surgical procedures to fuse vertebrae or remove cartilage. Instead, you can get the chronic pain treatment you need entirely through conservative care, thanks to our chiropractor at Back to Mind, Dr. Abramson.

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You don’t have to surrender to the limitations imposed on your life by chronic pain. Get your symptoms under control the safe and natural way by scheduling treatment at our Hollywood Clinic.


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