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Personal Injury


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Car Accident

How vehicle accidents cause injury

Even in simple fender benders, the pressures of a car accident can be severe. This can place a lot of strain on your neck and spine’s muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissues, and other systems. Strains in the back or neck caused by bodily tissues whipping back and forth and tearing or pulling can become excruciatingly painful if left untreated and can be exacerbated by use. 

Truck accidents

Truck accidents

Truck accidents happen for a variety of reasons, ranging from driver fatigue to equipment failure. Whatever the cause, they are usually far more serious than regular car accidents. In this case, injuries are much worse as well. You need to look for treatment as soon as possible. 

Work injuries

Work Injuries

Workplace injuries are illnesses or injuries that develop as a result of an employee’s job. As a result of negligence, we witness a wide spectrum of workplace injuries. Slips and falls can result in injuries in some cases. Other types of pain, however, are caused by repetitive action, such as repeated use or overuse of limbs or joints. 



Whiplash is a neck injury that may occur when the head suddenly moves backward and then forward or vice versa. This type of injury can occur, for example, during rear-end vehicle collisions. 

Injuries range from mild to severe. 

For Patients

Personal Injury for Patients

If you have been involved in a car accident in the Hollywood area and suffered injuries as a result, Vira Wellness is here to help!

For Attorneys

At Vira Wellness, we are proud to work together with many personal injury attorneys and car accident law firms in Hollywood. 

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