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Waiting Lounge and Nursery

At Vira Wellness, we want you to feel at home while you wait. Our comfortable lounge with TV and refreshments also has a small nursery so your children can wait for you while our staff treats you.

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Treatment Room

At Vira Wellness, our treatment rooms are completely private and fully equipped to provide our patients with a safe and professional environment.

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Chiropractic Tables

A chiropractic table is the essential tool for effectively and quickly correcting musculoskeletal disorders. 
Drop table treatments have yielded great results for patients for many years. You may feel better right away after having an adjustment with this method. Your flexibility, strength, and sleep should all improve over time.

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You don’t need to give up on the limits forced on your life by persistent chronic pain. At Vira Wellness, we can help you take control of your pain safely and naturally. Don’t wait. Call now and let Vira Wellness Help you control your pain.





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