Numbness and Tingling


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Numbness & Tingling

Numbness and Tingling can be present in any part of the body. It is usually felt in the hands, feet, fingers, legs, and arms. While rare numbness because of bad positions or sitting on your legs is common, constant numbness and shivering happening for reasons unknown should be addressed to by your Hollywood Chiropractor specialist.  


To decide the reason for these, specialists will get some information about your clinical history, in case you are right now taking prescriptions, when you started seeing symptoms and what sort of way of life/work errands you do routinely. At times, your Chiropractor might need imaging tests done to give more data expected to make a precise conclusion.  

Nerve Compression

A compressed nerve can become serious, causing chronic pain, or even lead to permanent nerve damage. Fluid and swelling can do irreversible damage to the nerves, so be sure to contact your Hollywood Chiropractor if your symptoms worsen or don’t improve after several days 

The reason why a compacted nerve causes numbness, shivering and pain is that external pressure hinders the capacity of nerve axons to send messages called action potentials. In the event that nerve pressure isn’t eased with chiropractic methods, nerve harm could cause long-lasting numbness and tingling.  

Nerve Compression

Diabetic Neuropathy

Uncontrolled blood glucose levels will ultimately harm nerves as glucose “coats” nerves and annihilates their capacity to work regularly. Notwithstanding deadness and shivering, individuals with diabetic neuropathy might feel pain in their feet and lower legs. Eating right, accepting drug as recommended and getting rub treatment from your South Florida alignment specialist can assist with assuaging side effects of diabetic neuropathy.  

Different conditions causing numbness and shivering include:

  • Car crash injury  
  • Tension on nerves because of growths, contamination or scar tissue  
  • Herpes zoster/shingles disease  
  • Strange measures of sodium, potassium or calcium in the body  
  • Creepy crawly Bites  
  • Inherent issues influencing nerves 



Adjustments are physically performed by a Chiropractor to tenderly move vertebrae once again into the right spot so they are done squeezing against nerve roots. Adjustments are not painful despite the fact that you might hear a breaking sound called “joint cavitation” that shows the buildup of nitrogen and oxygen inside spinal joints.  

At the point when these gases are delivered during a change, the pressing factor is decreased inside joints that tell the disintegration of gases and the rise of a “bubble”. The popping sound is essentially the air pocket imploding and the joint getting back to business as usual but without the buildup of gases.  

Realigning the spine not just disposes of many sorts of back, neck, and shoulder pain yet may likewise reduce different conditions like headaches, upper leg agony, and whiplash. Your alignment specialist in South Florida prescribes intermittent changes in accordance with conceivably assist with lessening your danger of problems exacerbated by a skewed spine (fibromyalgia, joint inflammation, sports wounds) and to keep all body frameworks working at top productivity. Truth be told, numerous agonizing conditions treated by doctors endorsing prescriptions offering just brief relief from skillet can regularly be reduced with spinal changes



Decompression Therapy

A successful sort of foothold treatment, decompression treatment builds the space between the bones by making less strain to advance repositioning of swelling/herniated disc material. By lessening the tension on vertebral discs, a deluge of oxygenated blood and valuable supplements can arrive at the plate to diminish nerve irritation and work on by and large spinal working.  

Massage Therapy

Consolidating changes or decompression treatment with knead treatment speeds up the recuperating of nerves and plates by further developing bloodstream to the influenced region and delivering endorphins to assist with reducing pain.  

If you are suffering from numbness and tingling in your hands, feet or legs, your bones might have to be repositioned to eliminate pressure off sensitive spinal nerves. Call Vira Wellness Chiropractic at +1(954) – 966-1125 to get an appointment with a Hollywood specialist today. We are at 2429 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020. 

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