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Physiotherapy at Vira Wellness

Vira Wellness Chiropractic works hard to ensure that all of our patients have a variety of treatment alternatives. When our patients are offered choices, we believe they may personalize their treatment plans to match their specific needs. Physiotherapy is one of the services we offer. This is a one-of-a-kind type of medical treatment that can aid patients in recovering from both acute and chronic injuries. Different types of physiotherapy treatment may be beneficial to patients. 

Physiotherapy at Vira Wellness

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a type of medicine that uses physical treatment instead of medications or surgery to treat injuries and illnesses. This is, in essence, a more natural approach to treating injuries and illnesses. Physiotherapy can encompass a wide range of therapies, including exercise and massage. Individuals will be able to heal from accidents with fewer negative effects employing these alternatives rather than surgical procedures or prescription drugs. 

Physiotherapy Treatments Come in a Variety of Forms

If someone comes to see us for physiotherapy, we have a variety of treatment choices to choose from. In physiotherapy, we may employ the following treatment options: 

  • Exercise is an important part of physiotherapy. The exercise’s purpose is to strengthen muscles, ligaments, and tendons so that they can better withstand future loads. Exercise is utilized to not only treat but also prevent injuries from recurring. 
  • Kinesio Taping (Kinesio Taping) is a type of taping We utilize this tape, which is commonly abbreviated as K-Tape, to assist prevent injuries from recurring. This tape can be used to elevate tissues and relieve pressure on certain sections of the body. Injuries are less likely to recur as a result of this. 
Physiotherapy Treatments
  • Ice has been used for centuries as an injury treatment. Using ice, we can reduce inflammation that might be present in a certain part of the body. This can stop the damage processes and start the recovery. 
  • Manual therapy is a type of treatment in which certain portions of the body are adjusted and manipulated. This can be done to assist relieve pain and discomfort by improving the alignment of particular bones and joints. 
  • Electrical Stimulation: In some cases, electrical stimulation can be used to treat injured nerves in specific parts of the body. If a person is experiencing pain and discomfort, it could be due to nerves delivering jumbled signals. This problem can be solved by electrical stimulation. 
  • Traction is a physiotherapist-administered treatment for those who have a herniated disc or a pinched nerve. We can enhance the amount of space available to the nerve by applying the tiniest amount of traction to bones and joints, relieving pressure and pain. 
  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation: Patients who have recently undergone a surgical treatment can also benefit from our services. We can use physiotherapy to assist people in recovering from surgery, strengthening the restored bodily component, and preventing future injuries. 

Advantages of Physiotherapy

There are a few benefits of physiotherapy treatment that everyone should note: 

  • No need for drugs or surgery 
  • Fewer complications and fewer side effects as the body heals itself naturally 
  • Improves your body balance 
  • Reduces pain 

For this reason, many people have already turned to physiotherapy to help them achieve a more complete recovery. 

Advantages of Physiotherapy

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