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Whiplash Treatment with our Chiropractors in FL

While many car accident victims are concerned about whiplash, there are other ways for this neck injury to develop. You may be suffering from whiplash if you have a work-related or sports injury. Learn more about neck discomfort and whiplash to discover whether chiropractic therapy at Back to Mind will help you.


Your neck is made out of little muscles and vertebrae that empower you to control your head development. Nonetheless, if your head is abruptly jolted in a surprising way, this makes extraordinary tension on the neck muscles and upper cervical spine. Truth be told, it can prompt muscle tears and herniated circles in your vertebrae. You may have prompt neck torment, yet in a couple of days, those muscles and vertebrae will become excited. At the point when this aggravation and enlarging happens, it causes your neck muscles to seize up. You are as of now not ready to move your neck and are experiencing whiplash.



In the event that you have been harmed in a car collision, you make some restricted memories outline in which to look for clinical treatment. After this time has elapsed you can’t document a case for your treatment costs. As noted, with whiplash it can require days and even a long time before the neck muscles lose portability with this condition. You might think you are okay meanwhile, and not go to visit a bone and joint specialist. This is a significant mix-up since we can identify whiplash and start treatment right away. Thus, we suggest that you make an arrangement at the earliest opportunity after your neck injury to get checked for whiplash.


Treating whiplash starts with decreasing the aggravation in the neck muscles. We can use knead treatment to assist with decreasing the enlarging. When the irritation has begun to die down, we can give spinal decompression and chiropractic changes. This empowers our chiropractic specialist to realign your upper cervical vertebrae and ease tension on protruding or herniated plates. You will start to encounter neck help with discomfort and consider portability to be as you recuperate from whiplash.


Whiplash is regularly referred to as a physical harm, however it’s better portrayed as a physical issue disorder, a bunch of perceived symptoms that relate to a physical imbalance. It is a difficult neck issue, identified with harm from maximum hyperextension and hyperflexion of the cervical spine.

Whiplash is most commonly linked to car accidents. An automotive collision (at virtually any speed) or anything else that causes a quick stop can send your head’s weight flying backward and forward with substantial power. Each of these motions has the potential to harm the neck’s muscles and connective tissues. Cervical joints can also be pushed out of position, and intervertebral discs can herniate and come into contact with sensitive nerve roots.

Whiplash is also known to develop as a result of sports injuries and other sports-related difficulties that result in a violent jolt of the head.

Whiplash can produce a broader range of symptoms than you would think. Aside from the anticipated neck discomfort and inability to move your head, you may also have headaches, migraines, jaw or face pain, shoulder pain, mood changes, ringing in your ears, and/or impaired vision. You may have numbness, discomfort, tingling, or weakness in your hands or arms.

If you are suffering any of the symptoms of whiplash, you should seek emergency medical attention. Even if your neck feels good, you should have it (and the rest of you) examined right away. Due to the shock and adrenaline surge of the collision, hidden injuries may not show symptoms straight away, or even for days. By delaying diagnosis and treatment, you may also miss your window of opportunity to file any financial compensation claims.

Crisis clinical groups realize how to treat numerous sorts of horrible wounds, yet bone and joint specialists are preferable qualified over other clinical experts to treat whiplash. Our bone and joint specialist has numerous long stretches of involvement with diagnosing and treating even unobtrusive deviations from ordinary cervical arrangement.

Chiropractic treatment can significantly help your whiplash symptoms by addressing the underlying causes of those symptoms. Through chiropractic adjustment, our alignment experts can return your cervical spinal designs to their proper position, reducing pain, reestablishing neck flexibility, and revising any progressions in the curve of your neck.

Chiropractic therapy is completely safe when used as part of a comprehensive whiplash treatment strategy. It may potentially obviate the need for additional therapeutic methods, such as neck surgery, that are associated with established safety hazards.

Our chiropractors may recommend whiplash therapy methods such as spinal decompression (to repair herniated discs) and corrective exercises based on your specific injuries (to restore neck strength and mobility).

Since you know already more about whiplash’s causes, effects and remedies, give your injured neck what it needs at Vira Wellness Chiropractic. Call today (954)-669-1125 to schedule an appointment at our Hollywood FL location. Our whiplash doctor is ready to help!

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