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Vira Wellness in Hollywood Alleviates Pinched Nerves

At Vira Wellness, we offer treatment for a pinched nerve, which can occur anywhere on your body. Whether it’s constant, dull aches or sharp and sudden burning sensations, our chiropractic team determines whether your back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and muscular weakness is the result of a pinched nerve, and will work hard to relieve your pinched nerve pain and remove the limitations it places on you. If you need pinched nerve treatment in Hollywood, we invite you to explore our options and learn more about our comprehensive approach. 

Pinched Nerves


A pinched nerve is a typical condition that happens when a lot of pressure is applied to the nerve from encompassing bones, ligaments, and muscles. This abundance pressure causes nerve breakdown and may bring about pain, shivering, deadness or muscle shortcoming. This condition can occur anywhere in the body, and most often affects patients with poor posture, osteoarthritis, those with jobs that require repetitive use of the hand or wrist, or patients who are obese. Treatment for a pinched nerve aims to restore nerve function and can be done through rest and chiropractic care. 

Pinched nerves are most common in places where the nerve passes through a small space. This can happen in your spine or other parts of your body like your wrists, elbows, and knees. When a nerve is pinched, it is being compressed or experiencing extreme pressure. The pressure may be a symptom of overusing a joint or it may occur suddenly from an auto accident or sports injury. 


Our chiropractors focus on your spine because a healthy spine leads to a healthy body. If an area of your spine is out of alignment, a pinched nerve may result which causes you pain. Due to the pressure on the nerve, you may also experience muscle weakness or spasms. Other causes of a pinched nerve include disc degeneration, which causes the nerve hole to narrow; disc herniation, which causes the cushiony area between the vertebrae to press on the nerves; and osteoarthritis, which causes the vertebrae to tear down and protrude into the surrounding nerves. 

Vira Wellness is familiar with the pain from a pinched nerve that brings people to our Center. Our doctors want you to address this pain and get to the cause of the discomfort. Please, do not ignore pain or weakness in your back. We also want to see you if you are suffering from headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, leg pain or weakness, burning and tingling in your arms and legs. These are all symptoms of a pinched nerve that our chiropractors can alleviate. 



Our chiropractors will position your spine in a way that takes the pressure off the pinched nerves. We gently manipulate the vertebrae to reduce nerve compression, alleviate bony protrusions interfering with the nerves and reduce pressure on the discs. Our hands-on adjustments are gentle and effective and you experience immediate relief. 

We likewise offer long-haul care that incorporates chiropractic changes, spinal decompression, and restorative activities to work on your stance. Spinal decompression lessens the tension on the discs and nerves so your squeezed nerves are liberated. We show you activities to improve your center solidarity to settle your stance and keep you in a sound arrangement all through your work and play exercises.  

When we identify a squeezed nerve, we foster an individualized chiropractic care plan to meet your requirements. Our non-surgical choice is a medication-free way to deal with pinched nerve care with no side effects. If you don’t want to have permanent damage, please seek our help and don’t let your pain go untreated.


Pinched nerves can be treated through a nonsurgical strategy called decompression, which calms tension on the spine and permits patients to work in their day-to-day existences without torment or other weakening side effects. This strategy includes isolating the vertebrae to make a vacuum in the middle of the designated plates, a procedure known as adverse pressure. Negative pressure bit by bit calms structures pushing on the nerve throughout four to about a month and a half.  

Delicate compressible plates separate the vertebrate and give padding to the spinal segment. Over the long run, steady pressure can make these plates become worn and compacted. Spinal decompression is a system that eases the pressing factor of the spine, empowering the circles to recuperate.  

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