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Vira Wellness of Hollywood offers injury rehabilitation.

If you’ve suffered a personal injury as a consequence of sports, an auto accident, or any other traumatic incident, our team of medical professionals can help. You’ll benefit from the expertise and experience of our experts, who all have diverse and complementary specialties when you receive injury rehabilitation treatments from Vira Wellness. 

Chiropractic Injury Rehabilitation Services

After being involved in a previous accident, chiropractic treatments are a proven approach for restoring normal alignment of your spine and strengthening soft tissues as they heal. Chronic pain that develops after a major traumatic injury often has less to do with the original problem and more to do with tissues that mend poorly or put pressure on other regions, and our comprehensive injury rehabilitation services may address all of these issues and more. 

Because of our chiropractor’s broad knowledge of the musculoskeletal and neural systems, we can provide comprehensive treatments that address all of your concerns. Other professionals, such as massage therapists, physical therapists, and others, are also on staff. They add skills and experience to your injury rehabilitation treatment that complement and increase the benefits of the chiropractic care you’ll receive, allowing you to recover faster

Chiropractic Injury Rehabilitation Services

The Advantages of a Chiropractic Approach

Chiropractic treatment for injury rehabilitation takes a holistic approach to your issue, allowing us to address all the causes of your symptoms. The causes of complicated injuries, such as those commonly sustained in car accidents, are numerous, and damage does not usually show up on routine diagnostic imaging tests. 

Our technique may directly address the sources of your pain, no matter how diverse they are, and provide pain relief while also fixing the underlying issue, making it less likely that the pain will return. This method of injury recovery is preferable to both surgical and prescription painkiller choices, which are typically ineffective. 



The Advantages of a Chiropractic Approach

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